Xiang Ye

The main character in the story My Wife Is A Demon Queen is Xiang Ye. He is a human from Earth who has been invited to this realm to help Isabella Osa, the former queen of the Demon Tribe, restore her throne. Despite the fact that he lacks Boundary Force and no ability for traditional warfare, his brilliant mind and inventiveness have earned him the title of Forging prodigy and a position as a Major in the Human Kingdom’s army.

The personality of Xiang Ye

Many people believe Xiang Ye to be brilliant and creative. Xiang Ye is a businessman with a compassionate and caring disposition who tries to help people as much as possible. He is self-assured and arrogant in his talents, yet he does not underestimate his opponents, preferring to confront them well-prepared and ready. Xiang Ye is a happy person who finds it simple to make friends and earn their trust. He is also quite protective of his friends and allies, particularly when it comes to Isabella. He has affection for Isabella and makes every effort to attract her attention.

The appearance of Xiang Ye

Xiang Ye is a young guy of ordinary height, but significantly taller than most of the characters, with a lean medium body (later fit muscular) with brown spiky hair and purple eyes. He normally wears a blue suit and has a forging pen with him.


Isabella Osa: Isabella is the previous Demon Queen who gathered Xiang Ye into her reality to help her in her undertaking to reestablish harmony to her reality. Upon their most memorable gathering, Isabella was disheartened that Xiang Ye was a normal human and accepted he was unequipped for aiding her.

Tols Rennes: The previous top understudy of the Royal Academy until he was overturned by Xiang Ye. Rennes was drawn to Isabella and fruitlessly endeavored to seperate her and Xiang Ye through inconspicuous means. In a last endeavor to win Isabella, Rennes provoked Xiang Ye to a passing match at the last round of the competition.

Ashtone Martin: The Forging Teacher and Xiang Ye’s guide. Martin is dumbfounded by Xiang Ye’s developments and is extremely pleased with him.

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