Tols Rennes

Tols Rennes is a member of the royal family and a Magic Class student at the Royal Academy in My Wife is a Demon Queen . He is widely regarded as the royal family’s and Academy’s most gifted prodigy. During the Kingdom Cup Tournament arc, he is the major antagonist. Despite her marriage to Xiang Ye, Rennes was smitten by Yi Bei and tried to covet her. Because he saw Xiang Ye as a potential stumbling block, he challenged him to a death match in the tournament finals so that he might murder him.


Rennes appears good and noble at first, but he is actually arrogant and selfish. He doesn’t boast about his accomplishments, but he despises people who appear to be lacking in talent, such as Xiang Ye. Rennes is also hypocritical, because while he frequently chastises and threatens his nephews for their avarice and immoral behavior, he is equally haughty, entitled, and unprincipled in his desire to want a married woman and murder her husband. He is used to getting his way due of his talent and position as a prince, and he does not appreciate being told “no” (as evidenced by his many advances toward Isabella). Despite his mastery of spellcasting, he is a threat to both friends and foes, as he casts tremendous spells.


He is depicted as tall and attractive in the start of the series, with numerous female characters complimenting him on his appearance. His hair is long and dark, and his eyes are blue. Over a black shirt and black pants, he wears a blue coat with shoulder guards and a gold belt, with gold plated boots.

With blue scales, horns, a pale white face and torso, as well as a tail and wings, his dragon shape is more humanoid than most of the royal family’s dragon forms.


Isabella Osa: Rennes was enamored with Yi Bei for her beauty and power, much like everyone else at the academy, but unlike other people, he strove to be more respectful to her. Despite the fact that he knew she was married to Xiang Ye, he courted Yi Bei on several occasions, which Yi Bei always turned down. Rennes was enraged because he was used to receiving what he wanted and was envious of Yi Bei’s relationship with Xiang Ye. Rennes challenged Xiang Ye to a death duel at the Tournament’s final battle, making no secret of his desire to murder Xiang Ye in order to covet Yi Bei.

Xiang Ye: Rennes didn’t think much of Xiang Ye at first, dismissing him as “useless timber,” but he was envious of his friendship with Yi Bei. During the Kingdom Cup Tournament, though, the two would develop a rivalry. Rennes became concerned that Xiang Ye could be his match after witnessing Xiang Ye defeat Bushi in the first round of the event and attempted to persuade Xiang Ye to withdraw from the tournament. Xiang Ye was offended by his attempts and vowed to defeat Rennes in the competition finals, infuriating Rennes even more.

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