Tols Buri

Tols Buri is the main child of the Regent Tols Angus and an individual from the Royal family. He is an understudy of the Royal Academy in the Swordsmanship class, and a supporting bad guy of My Wife is a Demon Queen. He fills in as the principal bad guy of the Royal Academy Arc and a significant bad guy of the Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc.


Buri is a profoundly egotistical, baldfaced, entitled, and wicked young fellow. Buri appreciates flaunting and taunting those he considers lesser than himself, even absolutely overlooking individuals off lesser status than him who attempt to speak with him. Buri is likewise the most distorted of his kin as he consistently hassled Yi Bei to make her his special lady in spite of her obvious sign of her revulsion for him. Buri can’t acknowledge anybody of lower status to be more remarkable than himself as he flew into rage when Yi Bei ended up being the prevalent warrior in their match. When confronted with a person of higher status and power than himself, for example, his uncle Tols Rennes, he will cringe in dread. In spite of these negative characteristics he has shown to be a sharp-witted young fellow. For the most part during his cooperations with Sophisas.

The appearance of Tols Buri

Buri is a lean medium form young fellow. Demonstrated to be somewhat taller than Xiang Ye. He has long red-hair that stretches pass his midsection, with red eyes and eyebrows to coordinate. Wearing a turtleneck button up white shirt with brilliant yellow sleeves and a burgundy red long sleeve shirt under. He keeps the shirt wrapped up his midriff hung kilt with a brilliant yellow band and two earthy colored belts.


Tols Angus: Tols Angus is Buri’s dad who Buri enormously appreciates as well as fears. Buri takes after Angus in being flippant, bad and eager, however Angus peers down on his child for his disregard towards his bosses and will try and take steps to murder his child assuming that he humiliates him once more.

Xiang Ye :Xiang Ye is an understudy of the Royal foundation of the manufacturing class and ostensibly Buri’s most despised foe during his time in the Academy. Buri barely cared about Xiang Ye as he was an everyday citizen with no Boundary Force, in any event, going similarly as viewing him as “pointless wood” who was not deserving of going to the foundation.

Isabella Osa: Isabella, under the name Yi Bei, was one more understudy of the swordsmanship class who Buri was quickly drawn to, however held her in low respect for her normal person status.

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